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Difference between alloy and steel.

Alloy and steel have their advantages and disadvantages depending on how the cars driven. For those who stick to beauty and performance tend to go with alloy. Those who enjoy tough and thrifty rims tend to go would steal. Just like the differences between carbon fiber and steel in my recent article, steel continues to be the most cost-effective as well as durable.

Do you prefer alloy or steel rims? –which one would you pick?

When you look at a car with aftermarket rims, they tend to be comprised of alloy. This is because alloy provides cosmetic as well as effective advantages. Aluminum alloy has the benefit of being styled in so many different shapes, styles, and colors. Survey show that the majority of car enthusiast tend to choose the 22 inch rims. These wheels are much lighter than the usual steel composites. I personally believe that when a car has rims made of alloy, it just tends to be a more fun drive.

20 inch rims

Alloy Wheels

The disadvantages of alloy is that they tend to damage easier under high stress and impact. These wheels will crack or band if given the chance. So it is better to not go so crazy when driving if you have alloy wheels. Why would you drive your vehicle so rough if you spent a pretty penny on your rims? Alloy wheels are there to show off. They come in a wide variety of polished, painted, machined, and chromed selections and they all cannot be treated the same. Painted rooms can be easily chipped so it is best to take care of them wisely.

22 inch rims

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels tend to be called “unsprung weight”, this is because they are not cushioned by the suspension. This kind of weight has an enormous impact on how the car handles. It is so important that even when there is a small change in weight, it can have major effects. An advantage of steel is that the extra weight tends to lessen the acceleration, agility and keeps the car lowered to the ground. This really helps the car handle better because it basically drives like an immovable tank. Also, do not expect to even have a chance to bend or damage steel wheels – it just won’t happen.

My judgement

So you may be wondering, what would I choose? Personally, I have a set of steel and alloy wheels. It really depends on the season. During the winter season, I prefer to use steel – even if it does not look so stunning. For the rest of the months of the year, I am in alloy man.

TBD101Difference between alloy and steel.

Rumor: Carbon fiber less safe – Myth?

Carbon Fiber Automobile

Since car manufacturers are now using new materials for the bodies of their vehicles, there have been rumors going around that these new materials tend to make people more vulnerable when behind the wheel. Cars are now using carbon fiber composites (which I personally believe is the future). This material is just as strong as steel and has the added benefit of being light weight.

Why carbon fiber?

Another benefit that comes with carbon fiber is that it tends to be cost effective on fuel. Clearly noted, this type of change may be very good for the environment. I have a feeling that people will be much safer if they have the opportunity to ditch their steel bodied vehicles and switch to carbon fiber. Carbon fiber actually has the potential to reduce weight by 40% when compared to its predecessor, steel. Image two cars made of nerf and collide, how much of an impact do you expect? Now imagine one of those cars is comprised of steel, I rest my case.

Why don’t all cars use carbon fiber?

Normally when you have carbon fiber you’re thinking of a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. That is because this is a material that is quite expensive because the cost of making it is very high. If you go back 10 years ago, carbon fiber actually cost $150 per pound. The price of this miraculous material has now gone to $10 a pound. Just so you know, steel cost less than the dollar per pound. Now, if carbon fiber is able to drop below five dollars per pound, then we really have a chance for improvement.

Since we are living in a time where the price of oil is constantly rising, we will only find ourselves moving towards lighter and much smaller vehicles. This is good because there are actually vehicles out there that are possibly made of steel and carry an enormous amount of weight.

Personal Story

One day, I was driving with family and we were driving a Volvo. We had a green light and someone decided to make a left turn and we ran right into them. The family member that was sitting in the passenger seat ended up having to go to the hospital with serious injuries. The one thing that we thought was the giant Cadillac SUV that hit us had minor damages – while our vehicle was crushed like a sardines in a can.


The best part about automobile companies is that they all are in an oligopoly, so that means that they are all fighting to improve their product at a fast rate. Each company is putting more and more funding into their research for a brighter future. I certainly hope that these companies find a way to improve our way of life.

TBD101Rumor: Carbon fiber less safe – Myth?

Would you let a car drive for you?

Google Car

At the moment, Toyota has no intention of seeing motorists being removed from the driver seat but Google on the other hand wants the car to take over. If you haven’t heard about the Google driver-less car then I’m guessing you’re living under a rock. Their goal is to make everybody in the vehicle a passenger.

I mean seriously, can you not wait for this to happen? If you can get over the fact that you have software thinking for you and hardware that is driving for you, then it can be very interesting.

Is it safe?

The only thing most of these companies have in common is that they seriously do not want more accidents. I’ve heard that there is a bigger chance of human error than technological error. In my case, when there is an error with my computer, it is most likely a human error which involves me not thinking correctly. That’s just me being honest.

So back to the topic…

If you have seen the driver-less car in action, then you have seen the car that they are using is a Toyota Prius. This is where the partnership between the two companies comes from. There have been plenty of news reporters giving the opportunity to take a ride in this spectacular vehicle. There is actually one video I saw around four years ago which involved the news channel ABC. Might I add, the fact that it’s been four years since this video has been out  tells you that this vehicle has been under major testing for awhile. Both of these companies seem very confident in their joint product.

So what is the software in this vehicle called?

The software that is used in these vehicles is called Chauffeur. If you asked me, this is a great name for this invention because in the end, this car will be your personal chauffeur.

What states allow it?

So there have been multiple states that have allowed the software to be used which are Washington DC, Florida, California, and Idaho. I can only hope that this amazing technology comes to my state of Kentucky but I do not see this happening for a while.

TBD101Would you let a car drive for you?


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